Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sunny Sunday Dress

I bought this precious fabric a while back and everytime I opened my sewing cabinet it screamed at me to make it into something way too cute for the baby girl.  So a few Sundays ago during naptime, I did just that! I LOVE making things for the girl because I can make them out of material that isn't the typcial pink baby stuff.  Now don't get me wrong, I love the typical pink baby stuff, but it seems like from the time they are born until they are like 2 EVERYTHING IS PINK! So here is a quick how to for a dress that you can make whatever colors your heart desires!

I picked up a plain white t-shirt at wal-mart for $2 and used 2 coordinating fabrics for the skirt and ties.
First cut out your materials.  I used a simple A-line pattern for the skirt (18" across the top, 22" across the bottom and 11" long).  The ties (2) are 4" wide and 25" long.
For each tie, fold 1/2" in on either side...

Then fold in half and pin all the way down.

Cut a triangle off one end.

Open your tie up and fold the top 1/4" in, fold it back in half and repin.

Then sew all the way around the tie (I top stitched along the folded edge just to make it look nice.)
*Note: The other end of the tie does not have to be finished because it will be sewn into the seam of the dress.

Once you have sewn both ties, place the front and back of your skirt WRONG sides together and sew the first part of a french seam with a 1/4" seam allowance.  (HERE is a tutorial on the french seam)

Now turn your skirt inside out (right sides together)

Pin your tie into the seam about 5/8" from the top of the skirt. This 5/8" will allow for you to finish the top later without folding up the tie.  Sew the 2nd part of the french seam with a 1/2" seam allowance.  Make sure to do some back and forth stiches across the tie to reinforce it.

Now that your ties are sewn into your side seams, fold the top 1/4" then again 1/4".  Here, you can just leave it pinned or you can sew a basting stitch to create your ruffles.

Now to attach the skirt to the shirt to make a Dress!
With the shirt RIGHT side out and UPSIDE down and the skirt INSIDE out and RIGHT side up...(this sounds way more confusing than it is...)  Match up your side seams and pin the skirt on about 4-5" from the bottom of the shirt. You can change where you attach the skirt to change the look of the dress!  4-5" made it a high waisted style for my 10 month old.

Be sure to pull your ties down through the bottom of the skirt so they don't accidently get caught up in the seam!

Sew your skirt onto you shirt, then cut off the bottom of the shirt!

Now finish the bottom hem of the dress with a double fold...

Flip right side out and ENJOY your Sunny Sunday (naptime) dress!



  1. This is beautiful, both your words and the photographs. I did a similar thing two years ago, and I really enjoyed to do it, I have its old photographs, you can view it from my personal blog.
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  2. Very cute! I agree about liking stuff that's not always pink.:) i'm a new follower from DIY by design. I LOVE the variety you have here.:)

  3. @sstone
    Thanks for following! You will see plenty of non-pink stuff in the future! :)

  4. so cute. Thanks for the great tutorial! I started a link party at my blog and I'd love for you to link this up. If you're interested it's http://caribbeanmissionarywife.blogspot.com/ Have a lovely day, Maria