Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Rag Rug

You know those project that you start then put aside for a while, go back to it determined to finish before starting something else, then put it away again for a while and before you know it its been MONTHS and its still not done?  Well, this was one of those projects for me!  I love to crochet and was suprised at how quickly the crochet part of this project went, but HOLY MOLY, the cutting went on FOREVER!  When we put together the girl's room before she was born, I searched and searched for the perfect rug, but I never found one (that didn't cost a fortune).  So a while back I decided to make one! And my never ending project is finally done and was well worth the effort, its the perfect addition to my Baby Girl's room! 

Its made of a bunch of random stuff all cut into 3/4" strips.  The blue is a full sized sheet, the light pink and yellow are old t-shirts, the green is one of the hubby's old polos and the dark pink is curtains.  (The blue sheet and the pink curtains are goodwill finds! Perfect for cheap fabric for rag rugs!)  I used the biggest plastic crochet hook I could find...

And just started working a single crochet in a sprial pattern with 2 colors at a time! 

I put it in the Crazy's room last night while she was sleeping, so she was really exited to see something new this morning!
After fighing to get her dressed, she wanted to go back and sit on it again.  I think she approved!

Sew. Sweet!


  1. Cute rug and cute little girl. I would love it if you would stop by and share at the crafty link party going on right now at Lines Across My Face.
    I hope to see you soon,

  2. @Rachel
    We are all linked up! Thanks for the invite! :)

  3. The rug is absolutely adorable! Wish I could make one!

  4. Thanks for liking up to Craft and Tell! I've always wanted to try a crochet rug! Your daughter is adorable too! :)

  5. @Cherished Bliss
    Thanks for hosting! You should give it a shot - its super easy! A great project to workout while sitting in front of the TV! :)

  6. Super cute! I've always wanted to do this too! Here from Sweet Peas and Bumblebees.

  7. I love it! I'm going to try this! Did it make your fingers sore? I'm a new follower from Exodus 35:)

  8. @sstone
    Thanks for following! We're excited to have you following along! :) It didn't make my fingers sore, but the cutting was a bit annoying...it was SO much cutting! If you have any questiong along the way just let me know! Good luck - and be sure to send us a pic of your finished product!

  9. That is so cute! And that she loves it makes it even better. My mom taught me how to make rag rugs out of old sheets when I was little. I was just thinking the other day that I need to try it again. Thanks for sharing!

  10. So cute and brings back many wonderful memories of the ones my Grandmother used to make for me!

  11. The rug is addorable! I may have to make one!