Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cuddly Baby Cocoons

When Adalyn was a baby, she was a HUGE fan of the swaddle.  Like she screamed her head off constantly for the first 4 months unless she was wrapped up super tight....We almost felt like we were putting her in a straight jacket - and my Mom hated it - but it was the ONLY way that we could get her to calm down!  So for little Annie I wanted to be prepared!  With her being a January baby, I figured it would be good to have some warm swaddles.  She can sleep in them and lounge around the house in them (and we won't have to worry about her tiny feet being covered by a blanket!)

Anyway, I CANNOT WAIT to have a baby to put these on....And I secretly want an adult sized on for myself. I sort of made up the pattern as I went along, but did my best to write it down when I was done, so here it is!

Cuddly Baby Cocoon (pink):

I used a medium weight baby yarn (4) and size J hook

Ch: Chain
Sl St: Slip Stitch
TC: Triple Crochet
SC: Single Crochet
TC CC: Triple Crochet Criss Cross

Round 1: Magic Ring, Ch4, TC16 into Magic Ring, Join top of Ch 4 w/Sl St (16 TC)

Round 2: Ch 4, 2 TC in each stitch, Join top of Ch 4 w/Sl St (32 TC)

Round 3: Ch 4, 2 TC in first stitch, TC in next stitch, repeat for rest of round, Join top of Ch 4 w/Sl St (48 TC)

Round 4: Ch 4, 2 TC in first stitch, TC in next 3 stitches, repeat for rest of round, Join top of Ch 4 w/ St St (60 TC)

Rounds 5-13: Ch 4, TC in each stitch, Join top of Ch 4 w/Sl St (60 TC)

Round 14: Ch 4, TC in first stitch, TC CC over next 2 stitches, repeat for rest of round, Join top of Ch 4 w/Sl St (20 sets of TC, TC CC)

Round 15: Ch 4, TC in each stitch, Join top of Ch 4 w/Sl St (60 TC)

Round 16: Repeat Round 14

Round 17: Ch 4, TC in each stitch, Join top of Ch 4 w/Sl St (60 TC)

Rounds 18-21: Ch 1, SC in each stitch, Join Ch 1 w/Sl St (60 SC)

Weave in the ends and you are DONE! :)  I used a tapestry needle to put some elastic thread in the top row of SC to sinch it up at the top.

For the mint one I followed almost the same pattern, except that starting in Round 2 I used a row of double crochets and a row of single crochets to replace the triple crochet for a tighter look.  I did the increases in the row of double crochets then did a row of single crochets in each st.  For example: Round 2 was Ch 3, 2 Double Crochet in each stitch, Join w/Sl St, Ch 1, Single Crochet in each Double Crochet stitch, Join w/Sl St. So you would have a row with 32 Double Crochets and a row with 32 Single Crochets.  I also only did one Row of the Criss Cross using a Triple Crochet Criss Cross in Round 16 and I did not do the TC between each TC CC. So for Round 16 I started with Ch 4, then did 30 TC CC.  For Round 17 I went back to the row of DC, row of SC.  Then in round 18 I did the row of Double Crochet, but did not join the beginning Ch 3 for the row; instead on the last stitch I Ch 1, did a SC decrease, SC in each stitch around then a SC decrease in last 2 stitches.  I repeated that with the next however many rows to form the V.  For the ruffle, I  just doubled the stitches for 2 rows (1 SC row, and 1 DC row).

And for the purple, I'm sorry to say that I REALLY made this one up as I went along and have no idea what I did for a couple parts! SORRY! :)

But on the bright side, if you need some help with any of the stitches, you can check out This video for Single Crochet and Double Crochet or This one for the Triple Crochet and Triple Crochet Criss Cross!

Happy Crocheting!
Basic Crochet Stitches Tutorial
Triple Crochet and Triple Crochet Criss Cross Tutorial

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Baby Crib Bumper

It feels so good to be back and sewing again! While we were way out west I did NOTHING.  I think it was the distance from Ali that just made it not seem right....That and we found out we ARE EXPECTING OUR SECOND BABY right after we moved.  Me and the first trimester ( ok, who are we kidding, the whole first half) of pregnancy do not get along.  Anyway, Ali and I have been reunited and I am about to hit 30 WEEKS (3/4 baked people),  so I figured we better start getting ready for this little girl we have coming in January!  In the last month since we have moved, I have made 3 baby blankets (for other people), Adalyn's Halloween Costume - she was the cutest Minnie mouse ever, a few hats, a dress, a newborn cocoon (tutorial coming soon) AND THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CRIB BUMPER for our little Annie Lee's crib!  Yes, I've been busy...and adjusting to my new life as a stay at home Mom!

First, excuse the picture quality - we are planning to invest in a new camera for Christmas, but for now its the good 'ole iPhone (except when Ali is around and I get to use her fancy camera!)  Secondly, excuse the face that there is no mattress....We are waiting to move Adalyn into a big girl bed and then we'll steal hers! :)  Anyway - Isn't it a beauty?!  You should really check out the video tutorial to see how I did it!

Here are a few notes to go with the video:

1. Supply list: 
  • Fabric for front and back of the bumper: 2 - 12" X 27" pieces for the front and 2 for the back. 
  • Fabric for a ruffle.  I used a eyelet lace for mine, but you could easily make your own ruffle out of fabric. You will need 4.5 yards of ruffle
  • Fabric for the ties: 32 - 2.5" X 15" pieces.  I used two different fabrics so I had 16 of each.
  • Stuffing to fill it with
2.  In the video I made a mistake with the number of ties. At the beginning I saw 12, but you will really need 16 (4 in each of the 4 corners of the crib = 16...I do not have a brain these days and cannot count.)

3.  There will be a matching crib skirt and probably a couple of other things for little Annie's nursery coming soon, so come back and see us! :)

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pirate Boot Covers

BOOT COVERS... fit for a pirate!

First draw your design with newspaper to make your pattern.

Cut out your fabric (I used a dark faux leather) and hem the free ends.

Attach them to your boots with safety pins and mark where they need to be pinned to line up. 

Add a decorative cinch for detail.

Add trim to the border.

I added this little strap over my cinched fabric and embellished with a button.

Ta da!With a little ribbon to tie in the back, I've created removable boot covers.

A couple of us girls sporting our pirate duds!

Paper Mache parrot?

Yes... a homemade parrot - blue and gold macaw that is, and his name is Darwin.

Start with a skeleton of paper and chicken wire...

Bust out your elementary school paper mache skills - flour + water is classic. I looked up so many recipes for "new and improved" paper mache, but at the end of the day, thin even coats worked well. Allow form to dry between layers!

Paint a solid white....

then get creative! I painted all my colors first then hot glued feathers and beady eyes (found at Hob Lob)... I even made an eye patch for the little man.

How does he stay on your shoulder? We made a saddle out of leather that allows him to sit on your shoulder...

Darwin even met a distant relative at Ren Fest!


Trick O'Treat!!

A fun little sign we made for the house... 

One side says, "Trick O' Treaters... Welcome!"

and at the end of treat bowl "Out of Candy... Sorry!"

haha. The kiddos were so cute this year.


Friday, October 26, 2012


It's the time of year to dress up and celebrate Halloween. We were at our local Renaissance Festival and the weekend was pirate themed. So we just had to make our own props!

This go 'round I made my date a pirate vest and paper mache parrot. For me, I added large pirate cuffs to a pair of slouchy boots I already had... and the crown gems: our homemade pirate swords.

Stay tuned for each of the mini projects!

Sew. Sweet.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's been HOW long??

Oh my. Last post in February?

Where did the time go?

Well.. Meredith moved out west and Ali went back home for a job... distance and new commitments forced our blogging to be put on hold...

 BUT the two ladies of SewSweet are about to be REUNITED! 
We are so excited because THIS WEEKEND we will be together again...

Stay tuned... We've been saving up projects to share!