Friday, February 17, 2012

FLY cookies??? Yep.

So what's the story?

CAUTION: Not for weak stomachs!!
 I'm a veterinary student and we are doing a group presentation about Habronemeiasis (a skin infection by worms) and to spice things up a bit, I thought we could have some treats that reflect the very important part of this disease process:

Here's a basic diagram (thanks to Merial) for those remotely interested:
I started with a cheap butterfly cookie cutter...

Flipped that little guy right side over, adjusted the wing angle and added a little fly bottom between the wings.

Once baked, I made some brown icing (not chocolate!) and outlined the body and eyes of the fly. While still wet, I sprinkled some chocolate sprinkles for texture...

Once my outline dried, I could fill in with a darker brown icing and drew my little wings!

Sew. Sweet.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Love is Sweet!

So since Valentine's Day was smack in the middle of the week, the beau and I get to celebrate twice! (that's our rationalization). 

In prep for his arrival this weekend,
 I made him a sweet valentine that's edible... 

...while I was making some fly cookies for a presentation at school. 
Yes. I said fly, as in house fly, but don't worry I'll explain later....

Just had a little bit of dough left to work with..

But it came together with some icing.
Now, if only I can wait until he gets here...

Sew. Sweet.

Monday, February 13, 2012

The lacy strips afghan!

As a beginner at crochet, I'm constantly looking for easy patterns that I will enjoy... Here's one that I tried from Lion Brand Yarn's website: It's a free pattern but you will need to make a free account to access all their patterns (so worth it!)

Here's the original by Lion Brand. They used wool-ease thick and quick but I chose to do it with Loops  & Threads "Cozy Wool" because its a 50/50 acrylic/wool mix and is softer!

Here's my final product:

Happy crocheting... 
Sew. Sweet.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Travel Jewelry Pouch

Ever pack up your jewelry when you are traveling only to get to your destination and have a giant mess of stuff to untangle or an earring you can't find?  I HAVE!  But never again!  This little pouch is the perfect way to keep your jewelry nice and organized (and in one place) when are traveling.  Its a super quick and easy project and would make a great gift! 

Please excuse the subpar photography skills...I DO NOT have Ali's talent with the camera.  That and my camera totally blows which doesn't help my lack of skill...

Quick Note:  I accidentally forgot to hit record for a small part of annoying.  Anyway, after the first part and sketching your lines onto the small circles you will put the small circles right sides together ans stitch around the outside.  Be sure to leave a small gap so that you can turn it right side out.  And before turning it to the right side, you may want to cut some slits in the seam allowance so that it will lay right once you flip it.  Sorry bout that!  Anyway - Enjoy! :)