Saturday, September 17, 2011

Your Fur Babies Need A Bed Too!!

The pups are a part of our family in every way..They need a bed too!!

 This is Dozer Man. (Aka The Doze)
 This is Kimber Baby (Lovingly know as The Freak)
Last night these two (actually, it was probably just one of them..not naming any names...cough THE FREAK cough..) tore up their bed.  Well, kinda.  It was already in pretty bad shape.  The zipper was broken and the bag of stuffing on the inside was coming out and it pretty much just looked disgusting. I actually thought about taking before and after pictures, but I didn't because I was too ashamed.  But this morning we got up and there were pieces of cotton ALL. OVER. THE. LIVING ROOM!  She tore a hole in the bag of stuffing and well, what could be more fun than tons of cotton, right?! 
I have had a new bed for them on the to-do list for quite a while now.  I guess she just got tired of me putting it off and making stuff for the baby girl instead.  Well, congratulations Kimber Baby...YOU WIN!  Here's a video tutorial for an EXTRA large dog bed!  The Doze (65 lbs)and Kimber Baby (85 lbs) share this bed (they didn't want their own).  You can modify the measurements to whatever suite your Fur Baby though!



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