Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fancy French Seams

There is a little saying in the crafty world that you want to make things look "handmade" not "homemade." A very important part of this is how your seams look!  A super easy way to make finished seams is by using a serger or overlocking machine...but we aren't that fancy here at SewSweetTV. On the less fancy side of things, there is the good ole double fold method we used for the The Pillowcase Dresses for Africa and The Addy Skirt. The double fold is super simple, but can get a little sloppy, especially with thicker fabrics.  The best finished seam that I have learned is the French Seam! These seams are very clean and professional looking because the raw edge is completely incased with in the seam!  Check out this quick video tutorial on the french seam!

Happy Sewing Everyone! :)


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