Tuesday, August 30, 2011

salute to the American Indian...

I was rifling through my old scraps and ran across a little piece of Seminole Patchwork that I acquired many moons ago. It's such a fun way to make an intricate looking "quilted" pattern in a fraction of the time.  Here's a little sample to teach you...

First, cut rows of fabric (I used varying widths) and sew them together lengthwise. Then, using a rotary cutter or precise measurements, cut the strips perpendicular to the way they were originally sewn.

 Then, slide them apart at an angle with each one staggered as equally as the next.

Then pin and sew each of the new strips together to make a long row.

Iron the seams in the same direction, and now you have a new strip of fabric that can be used for just about anything... and that looks like it took hours to do!

Sew. Sweet.


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