Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Basic Crochet Stitches

Well, I will state the obvious here...Of the two of us, I am NOT the photographer.  Photography is among many of the crafty things that Alison has mastered, but it is definitely not a talent of mine.  With that in mind, here is a little instructional on some basic crochet stitches.  Please forgive the subpar photography!

First we are going to start with a CHAIN.  To start your chain, make a loop with your yarn.  Put the loose end of the yarn on top.

Next, put your crochet hook through the back of the loop.

Hook the yarn around the end of the crochet hook...

And pull the yarn that you have hooked through your loop...

Pull it to tighten it up...but don't pull it super tight

Now you can start your CHAIN!
Hook the yarn and pull it through the loop again...

And Ta-Da! You have made your first chain stitch!  Hook the yarn and pull it through for as many chain stitches as your pattern calls for!

The next stitch is the SINGLE CROCHET stitch. 
Start by putting your hook through the 2nd chain from your hook.

Hook your yarn...
And pull it through the chain stitch.  You should now have two loops on your hook.

Hook the yarn again...

And pull it through both loops on your hook.
And now pat yourself on the back...You just completed your first SINGLE CROCHET stitch!

Move to the next stitch and repeat until you get to the end of your chain!

Moving on...to the DOUBLE CROCHET stitch!
First, loop your yarn around your hook...

With the yarn looped around your hook, put the hook through the 1st single crochet stitch. (See 2 pictures up)
Hook your yarn...

And pull it throught the stitch.  You should now have three loops on your hook...
Hook your yarn again...and pull it through the first 2 loops on your hook.

hook your yarn one more time...
pull it through the 2 remaining loops!

And there you have it!  Your double crochet stitch!
Move on to your next stitch and repeat until you get to the end of your single crochet stitches. 

Now that you have mastered a few of the basic crochet stitches, stay tuned for some crocheted creations here on SewSweetTV! 

Video Tutorial : Basic Crochet Stitches


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