Friday, August 26, 2011

the addy skirt!

Every little girl needs plenty of skirts and plenty of ruffles!  Today's project fulfills both of these requirements and is just plain too cute for words! The Addy skirt made with the measurements in this tutorial fits my 9 month old (20 lbs.) with plenty of growing room. Now, I missed a couple of pictures along the way...So if this is a bit confusing, you can check out the video tutorial (Addy Skirt Video) to clear things up a bit. 

Start with 2 - 15"X 9" and 4-30" X 4" pieces (I used 2 different fabrics for the ruffles) of fabric.

With right sides together, sew the side seams for each of the 3 parts of your skirt; the main part (15"X 9"), ruffle 1 (the 30"X4" in the fabric different from the main part) and ruffle 2 (the 30"X4" in the fabric matching the main part).  Once you have the side seams, hem the bottom of each part of the skirt.

Next, we are going to make the ruffles by folding the top part of each ruffle down about 1/4" and sewing a running stitch all the way around. Now that you have created the ruffles with the running stitch, line up the side seam of ruffle 2 with the side seams of the main part, and sew it on about 1/4" from the bottom of the main part of the skirt.  Do the same with ruffle 1, sewing it on about an 1" above where you attached ruffle 2.

Now that you have the ruffles on, make a casing for the elastic waist band.  With the skirt inside out, fold the top about 1/4" then fold again about and 1" (more or less depending on the width of your elastic).  Sew along the top edge of the fold all the way around the skirt.  Now sew the bottom of the casing, leaving a 1" section open to feed the elastic through.  Use a safety pin to feed your elastic through the waist band casing, and sew up the 1" section that you left open.

And Ta-Da!  Your simple, sweet, ruffley Addy Skirt!

Sew Sweet! 


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