Thursday, August 18, 2011

Movie Night = Cupcakes!

Who says movie night isn't delicious? We think it should be! A group of us got together and I wanted to celebrate this seemingly ordinary hang out with some fun themed cupcakes! My inspiration came from the wonderful book, "Hello, Cupcake!" and I recommend to all...

A how to is in order... but I definitely recommend buying the book because it's full of all kinds of fun cupcakes! AND there's a sequel too. "What's New, Cupcake"

Here's my version (all credit given to "Hello Cupcake!"):

You will need clean kitchen scissors, cake mix, buttercream icing, white mini marshmellows and multicolored "FunMallows." Divide out all of the yellow marshmellows.

Make your cake mix as directed (I like to substitute apple sauce 1:1 for oil to make a little healthier), and pour into red baking cups (I tried to find red & white stripes, but had to order them online).

 Then, take clean kitchen scissors and cut the marshmellow into thirds. I liked to leave just a small bit of marshmellow attaching each of the pieces. I used up all of my yellow marshmellows and started working on my white marshmellows.

Take a whole marshmellow and put a small dab of royal icing on one of the flat edges. (royal icing is basically powdered sugar and milk made to a thick consistency). Then place the marshmellow directly on the center of the marshmellow cut in three.

I ended up making almost 100 little marshmellow popcorns!

Ice your cupcake with buttercream (gives it a slight yellow tint) and hot glue on your popcorn sign that you cut out with your printer. 

Add your popcorn pieces... I used about 6-8 pieces per cupcake, about half white and half yellow marshmellow popcorns to cover the top.




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