Friday, August 5, 2011

Cat&Canine Couture

Mere may have the darling little girl to sew for, but I have a sweet feline baby who absolutely loves wearing bandanas. Seriously

Here's a little how-to on making a basic, reversible pet bandana that won't choke or fall off your pet. The collar feeds directly into the bandana! I have one for every season, but here's a little God Bless America cheer modeled by the GypsyCat. If you would like us to make you a custom bandana, please feel free to email us!

 Let's get started
First, you will need two pieces of coordinating fabric. This tutorial is to make a bandana for a cat or small dog (up to 15lb), so if you are interested in making a larger size, stay tuned for the pattern or email us!

You will make two triangles with a length and width of 10". You can start with a 10" square, fold diagonally and cut along the fold line.

Stack the two triangles, wrong sides together, and fold up the corners 2.5" from the edge and pin.

 Cut the excess triangle off the corner leaving about a 1/2" edge.

Starting at the point of the bandana, make a 1/4" fold and press lightly with your fingers. Then make the same fold again to hide the unfinished edge. Pin hem in place.

To help with the hem on the second side, clip off the point from the beginning of the first fold.

Repeat the hem on all sides but the top and pin. 

Using your sewing machine, make a straight stitch right along the edge of the folded fabric to secure the hem.

Notice how close I'm sewing to the edge of the hem. We want to be sure the hem does not come unfolded. 

Then start at the top of the bandana and fold the edge 1/4" towards the point and press down with your fingers to create a crease.

Bring the folded edge towards the point and make the casing for the collar as wide as needed. Since this bandana is for a small dog or cat, a collar that is about 1/2" wide will fit nicely.

Pin the casing down in a straight line.

Sew straight across and be sure to do reverse stitches at both ends so that it is well secured. Insert collar and accessorize your pet! This is the basic bandana, so feel free to embellish with ribbon, ruffles and applique...

GypsyCat LOVES America.


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