Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Margarita Shortcakes!

For a dear friend's BDAY, we made some sweet margarita themed strawberry and red velvet shortcakes!

Our party was at a restaurant, so instead of pre-assembling all of the shortcakes, we made one for a sample and brought all of the fixins to make at the table.

You will need:

one large box of strawberries (chopped)
3 limes (sliced)
cake - cooled and crumbled (we used red velvet)
a large tube of cool whip
red sugar sprinkles
disposable margarita glasses

(yield 24 short cakes)

 First, bake your cake and put the cooled crumbles into the bottom of a margarita glass.

Add a generous layer of chopped strawberries.

Smooth over the top with a large scoop of Cool Whip.

Add chopped strawberries to the top and red sugar sprinkles around the edge.
 Use a lime slice to jazz up the glass and ta da!! 

Repeat to make the rest of your margarita shortcakes, or pack up your ingredients for short cake on the go. I only made 12 shortcakes this go 'round so I used the left overs for cake balls... YUM!

Sew. Sweet.


  1. that looks amazing.. you should send some my way if you have any left over :) haha.. great idea for a party.

  2. Oh my heavens this look divine! That looks so tasty!

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