Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Baby Crib Bumper

It feels so good to be back and sewing again! While we were way out west I did NOTHING.  I think it was the distance from Ali that just made it not seem right....That and we found out we ARE EXPECTING OUR SECOND BABY right after we moved.  Me and the first trimester ( ok, who are we kidding, the whole first half) of pregnancy do not get along.  Anyway, Ali and I have been reunited and I am about to hit 30 WEEKS (3/4 baked people),  so I figured we better start getting ready for this little girl we have coming in January!  In the last month since we have moved, I have made 3 baby blankets (for other people), Adalyn's Halloween Costume - she was the cutest Minnie mouse ever, a few hats, a dress, a newborn cocoon (tutorial coming soon) AND THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CRIB BUMPER for our little Annie Lee's crib!  Yes, I've been busy...and adjusting to my new life as a stay at home Mom!

First, excuse the picture quality - we are planning to invest in a new camera for Christmas, but for now its the good 'ole iPhone (except when Ali is around and I get to use her fancy camera!)  Secondly, excuse the face that there is no mattress....We are waiting to move Adalyn into a big girl bed and then we'll steal hers! :)  Anyway - Isn't it a beauty?!  You should really check out the video tutorial to see how I did it!

Here are a few notes to go with the video:

1. Supply list: 
  • Fabric for front and back of the bumper: 2 - 12" X 27" pieces for the front and 2 for the back. 
  • Fabric for a ruffle.  I used a eyelet lace for mine, but you could easily make your own ruffle out of fabric. You will need 4.5 yards of ruffle
  • Fabric for the ties: 32 - 2.5" X 15" pieces.  I used two different fabrics so I had 16 of each.
  • Stuffing to fill it with
2.  In the video I made a mistake with the number of ties. At the beginning I saw 12, but you will really need 16 (4 in each of the 4 corners of the crib = 16...I do not have a brain these days and cannot count.)

3.  There will be a matching crib skirt and probably a couple of other things for little Annie's nursery coming soon, so come back and see us! :)

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  1. What a lovely baby crib! I can’t wait to see it complete with the crib skirt and other décor! I’m sure your little girl will love it. I love the flowery fabric you used for the bumper. The colors are very lively, little Annie would surely look at it all the time! [Allie Carrillo]